Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Yesterday I began my insulin pump trial. I arrived at the hospital a little early so I patiently sat in the diabetes centre waiting for my DSN to finish with the patients she had (an elderly couple) in there. After they left, she left the door open whilst she popped into the office - which meant I could see a purple Medtronic pump sat on the side!!! As I've mentioned before, I reeeeeeeally want a purple Medtronic.

The first thing my DSN said was that she didn't feel the need for a 10 week trial. She explained that the trial is just to make sure I am confident using the pump, and I'm overall happy with the pump. She said she herself is confident I can use the pump (thankyou, diabetes meetups, and having a pumping boyfriend!) and is fairly sure I will be happy with it, so she cut it down to a 2 week trial. At which point I gulped and asked if I'd have to hand it back after two weeks.

She explained that no, this pump is basically mine to keep for a reasonable amount of time, until we get funding from South Birmingham Primary Care Trust (PCT). Obviously, as I am borrowing this from the hospital, I can't keep it for a ridiculous amount of time - but my DSN is trying to be positive and is determind to get funding for me.

After the 2 weeks, as long as all is going well (not necessarily in terms of BG levels as she & I are expecting them to go wild soon), she will then request that my consultant writes to the PCT to request funding. And then we wait and see what they say.

So the pump! It's a purple Medtronic Paradigm 512. It's the model before the Paradigm Veos, so it does all the same things minus a few details.

I still have Lantus running around my system so I've been running on the low side ever since I put it on - or rather, I haven't gone much about 6mmol/l, so I feel as if I'm battling off hypos. As much as I would love to keep my levels below 6mmol/l all the time, I know this won't last! I have treated 3 mild hypos this morning.

My DSN worked out a baseline basal by taking my estimated total daily dose (48 units), taking off 25% (36u), dividing that in half (18) then slashing another 2u off that. So 16u over 24 hours = 0.65u per hour. This obviously will change in the next few days, but until the Lantus is out, I'm a bit stuck as to what to do.

I walked to Sainsburys this morning and had to put a 60% temp basal on on the way back as I hypo'd in Sainsburys and didn't come much above 4 after treatment. I did however get my prescription for vials of Novorapid sorted so I'm pleased!

Curiously, my DSN got me to draw up my first reservoir of insulin from my pen cartridge. Not something I'd heard of doing before, but it worked and we had no air bubbles. The test will be when I have to change the reservoir, see how I get on!

(apologies for the grainy photo - it was taken on webcam!)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

All aboard the change train.

The past couple of weeks have been somewhat rather hectic due to the new job and the move down to Brighton. I love Brighton, although I am still slightly outside my comfort zone. Not much is familiar here and whilst I'm not struggling with that, I do find it slightly daunting sometimes.

Diabetes wise I have had a horrible couple of days battling mountain peaks of BG levels. I had a 2.9 at work this morning which needed a mug of lucozade, 7 dextrose and 2 digestive biscuits to get me back up and staying up in the 6s. It wasn't pretty or pleasant and I don't care for a repeat of it tomorrow. I think it's because I'm up at 5.30am and eating so early - I'm going to experiment with ratios tomorrow morning.

On Saturday I'm heading back to Birmingham for 4 days, on Saturday there is a meet up going on (loosely based around the Diabetes Support forums, but as always anyone is welcome - details are in the forum). Sunday I'll chill out then MONDAY! 

Monday, I am going live on an insulin pump. As my DSN is impossible to get hold of, I still don't know which pump I will be trialling - I am hoping for a Medtronic as I have many friends on it and have been able to play with a couple of them, so I'm fairly familiar with them. (disclaimer: Medtronic are not paying or endorsing me).

The Tuesday! Tuesday I am being filmed answering questions on growing up with type 1. It's for the social media team at Birmingham Children's Hospital, where I was treated my entire child life. They are creating some kind of channel (yeah, I know all the details...) on facebook aimed at young people with type 1, and my paed DSN suggested me to the team running the whole thing. I'm looking forward to it!

And that is all for now. I need to get some sleep before work tomorrow!