Friday, 30 April 2010

Ever feel like a pin cushion?

Last night, I got obsessed with working out how many injections I've done since diagnosis 19 years ago.

For the first 15.5 years of my d-life, I did 2 injections a day. 15.5 years = 5657 days (give or take for leap years etc). That's April 1991 to October 2006.

5657 x 2 = 11314

October 2006 to present, I have been on multiple daily injections. I decided to go with an average of 6 a day, although as we all know it could be a lot less, or a lot more, depending on the day.

3.5 years = 1277 days.

1277 x 6 = 7662

So, over 19 years, I have injected roughly 18977 times.

Almost nineteen thousand injections? Seriously? I guess it shows what your body is capable of with standing.

I challenge you to work out how many injections you've done :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

New layout

Today I've re-jigged my blog, and I have to say I like it a lot! Please take a look at it if you're not actually on the page itself.

The only thing that is irritating me is that the text seems to keep changing font and size...if anyone has any ideas why, I'd love to know!

And I'm ill, again.

Once again, I have caught the cold that is going around. Cue me sneezing what feels like 20 times in a row, approximately 20 times a day. As well as the usual cough, runny nose, total lack of energy, etc etc.

Oh, and throw type one into the mix, and you've also got blood sugars that are lingering around the 10 (180) mark, all day, no matter what sort of corrections I attempt.

I'm contemplating upping my basal to 26u lantus instead of 24, just for a day or two. In fact, I think I will do it - add in the fact that I am basically doing nothing all day due to all my energy going down the drain, and I've not got much opportunity to burn off anything the Novorapid hasn't managed to grab.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and we're heading for Bristol Zoo for the day. I know David has made plans for us to eat out somewhere. I really, really hope that I am feeling better, because I would hate to feel too ill to celebrate :(

In other news, I went to see the wonderful James with my dad. We saw them in Bristol and stayed overnight too. James are famous for songs like 'Sit Down' and 'Laid'. Tim Booth was on top form. We were sitting in the stalls at the back of the standing area, and they started the gig by walking down the aisle!! We were about 3 or 4 seats in, so I got to get really close to Tim. Seriously, he's the man I would happily have kids with. *drools* no but seriously, my dad raised me on James. Tim is possibly one of the sexiest beings to ever grace this planet, although I think a lot of people would disagree :) There's just something wonderful about him! Anyway - it turns out they are touring the UK in December, so my dad messaged me asking if I'd like to go; I replied that of course I would! He said: good, because I've already bought the tickets!

Right, off for some much needed sleep...on that note, I encourage you all to look up 'sneezing panda' on YouTube :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Saturday: it was brilliant!

Saturday saw me heading to London to meet a group of people with diabetes. I mentioned the meet in a previous post - it was a collaboration between Circle D and Diabetes Support Forums.

Over the course of the day, about 30 people came. I didn't get to speak to all of them, but I met some new people who were all great. That's what I like about diabetes (probably the only thing...) it gives you a common ground because of it. And because of that, I found that everyone got along together - we were a mixture of students, forensic scientists, actresses, support workers and more, and we all got along like a house on fire.

So: the meet itself! We met at Yates bar in Leicester Square, London. I arrived into Victoria coach station around 11, where I met 3 other people: Tez, Tom and Alan. We walked from Victoria to Leicester Square, which took us roughly 45 mins I think? We went past Buckingham Palace, which was rammed full of tourists. Tom found a test strip lying on the pavement as we walked along. We managed to only have 1 hypo between us on the walk, although I was wavering down in the 4s all morning.

Long story short: we got there, chatted to everyone, had food and drinks. Tom had very kindly brought a spare infusion set along with him so that I could try one out (he also had one for Becky). Observe:

I have no idea why I'm pulling that face. It didn't hurt, and it hadn't been inserted by that point - in the photo are Becky, Tom and myself.

And this guys? This is why I so grateful to be part of the diabetes community. Where else would I get people offering to let me try an infusion set? My hospital certainly wouldn't! So thanks again to Tom for bringing that along.

The whole day left me feeling so relieved: I am not alone in this. I know this of course, but actually being with people was fantastic. We had a guy from Diabetes UK come along to chat about the DiDkA campaign - and we got to hype up the forum a bit to him, to let him know why it was so important to us.

I can't wait for the next one. I'm hoping to be able to host one in Birmingham at some point!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thankyou lovely pharmacist in Boots!

Today I went to Cardiff.

Today I left my insulin pen in my kitchen.

Today I frantically text all my D-friends that I have numbers for. One very bright spark, Tom, suggested I went to a pharmacy and beg them for insulin. Which I did - and the lovely pharmacist in Boots in Cardiff gave me an emergency prescription of a Flexpen with Novorapid in it. Yay! Success! Our day was lovely, we wandered around the city for a while, I had a lovely hypo in the museum and got the giggles BIG TIME. I was down to 2.9 and I just couldn't stop laughing - I honestly think that people must have thought I was drunk. Oh well. We went down to the Bay area too and had pizza for lunch. It was very windy but a really nice day out.

Tomorrow I get a lie in! Hurrah. Then on Saturday I go to London and meet a lovely bunch of other people with diabetes! Yayyy!

Monday, 19 April 2010

19 years.

Today, April 19th 2010, is 19 years exactly since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Do I hate it? Yep. I'd happily punch it in the goolies if I ever got chance (and it ever became physically possible to punch diabetes in the goolies). But having type one has shaped me as a person. I wouldn't be who I am without it. Yes, it's made me behave like a control freak on crack. And yes, I know the carb content of most foods known to man. It is something that influences every single thing I do; it never leaves my mind. I am always thinking about something related to diabetes, even if I don't realise I am. It is whole and all-consuming. But...I'm also very, very proud to be a type one. I'm proud to be part of a community of people who share so much love and understanding it blows your socks off.

I'm glad to have met some amazing people because of diabetes. These people have become true friends - not just 'people I know with diabetes'. I'm so glad to have people who just *know* what it feels like to not see a number below 10 all day, or having to keep snacking because you can't get above 5.

Anyway: it's late, I'm tired. To all of those of you out there with type one: thank you for being such a strong community. Maybe one day, we'll see a cure.

And just to give all of you a heads up for my 20th anniversary: I am planning something VERY big.

Friday, 16 April 2010

One of those days.

This afternoon, I was dozing on my bed (with an episode of CSI on in the background, fyi). I felt a bit 'funny', so I got up to test my blood sugar levels. As I stood up, I promptly fell over, which worried me. I grabbed my testing kit and did the necessary: only to discover I was 1.8. That's pretty damn low, by anyone's standards.

It's a bit of a long story, but my usual bedroom stash of 200ml oj cartons are actually in Weymouth at the moment. So I decided to risk going downstairs to get something to eat (I was very shaky and unsteady on my feet). I made it downstairs, grabbed some apple juice and some left over dessert (mmmm rhubarb and custard).

pic yoinked from LoveToKnow

After a few minutes, I was up to 3.6. Then 6.4 - and I'll check again in a little while. I am expecting a rebound high, as I did consume a LOT of carbs to compensate. 

In other news, I am WAY too excited about the Circle D 2 year bash/Diabetes Support Forums Meetup! It's in London on the 24th of April. Check out the facebook link if you're interested! I can't wait!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Aha! Finally, yesterday, I received the letter saying I have been referred to a Dr T Ulahannan at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

I called up to use the 'choose and book' option. I was told there are no appointments at either clinics (I was offered either General Diabetes or Young Adults - I would prefer General as the YA clinic is for 18 - 21 year olds and I'll be 22 in a couple of weeks, so I'd only end up being shifted). Hmph. I was told to call back next week when they should have the next 'batch' of appointments.

The earliest I will be able to see him, if I'm lucky, is in 6 or 7 weeks time. I know that isn't all that long, but I have been waiting for ages already to see him.

I actually ended up calling his secretary. She said the same as the 'choose and book' - to call back next week. Ah well. The most important thing is that I will get to see him at some stage.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Planning. Changes. Positive steps forward.

As I've mentioned recently, I am constantly seeing high blood sugar readings. Maybe once or twice a day I see lower ones.

I attribute this to a current phase of burnout. Honestly, right now, I feel like I haven't got the energy to cope with this. I'm not angry, or frustrated. I'm not doing things that are purposely destructive. I just don't have the energy to do the positive steps that are needed to get myself back on track.

Most of my energy is currently directed on my new life/work (living and working in an anthroposophical, biodynamic community of adults with learning difficulties). I pretty much work 24/7, in that I am in charge of running one of the houses in the community...I have 2 coworkers who work 45 hours a week each, but that leaves a lot of hours that myself and my partner cover. We're on call to our residents 24/7.

Point being...I need to realign my energies, and start to focus back on my diabetes. I was thinking of things that would help me do this.

I came up with:

- getting a cup/glass/beaker that I can mark 100ml, 200ml etc on the side, so I can be sure of how much juice I'm drinking and not guesstimating. We get some amazing juices here, and I hate not being able to drink them; quite often I'll bolus for breakfast, and have the juice last.

- digging out my digital scales, and getting over my irrational embarrassment of weighing my food in front of other people. I'm usually pretty good at guesstimating my meals, but this will mean accuracy, not guesstimacy!

- finding my copy of the Collins Carb Counting book. It went AWOL when we moved.

I hope that by having little things like this, it will shift myself from being apathetic about my diabetes, to being proactive.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

RIP Eva Markvoort

Eva Markvoort, who died 27/03/10, was an absolute inspiration.

Please take the time to read her livejournal,

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh how I'd love and Easter Egg!

From the fantastic Northerner:

Oh! How I’d love an Easter egg!
I’m trying to be good,
It would help if I was living
In an egg-free neighbourhood!

I see them stacked up in the shops
Row on row on row –
So tempting and alluring,
I could eat them in one go!

Why don’t they think of folks like me
And make them out of meat?
An egg made out of beef or spam
Would not be such a treat…

Or if they got some garden dirt
And made them out of mud,
That wouldn’t be appealing
For it wouldn’t taste as good!

Why can’t they use a slab of lard
And carve one out of fat?
Then it would be disgusting
And I wouldn’t fancy that!

A friend suggested, maybe
If they made one out of wood –
It’s low G.I. and fibre-rich,
And might do me some good!

No, an egg made out of chocolate
Is the only way to go,
So I’ll eat my egg in secret
And no-one will ever know.

I think we need to treat ourselves,
Not live in constant fear –
Just have some fun like everyone,
It’s only once a year!