Wednesday, 10 February 2010

After last week's great news (hba1c!), this week has been a bit of a mess. I've been...not exactly ill for the past couple of weeks, but under the weather. I'm really struggling to keep my levels below 10. Today though, I thought things had turned around - 5.4 pre-tea, 40g carbs, 4u novorapid...6pm-ish.

At 7.30, we went to a talk about astrology (it's part of the introduction course while I'm training). I checked again, and I was 4.1. I know 4.1 is a pretty decent level, but it's a bit too close to the 3's for my liking. So I chugged on 100ml-ish (I had what I guesstimated to be half a 200ml carton) of oj.

9.30pm, and I'm 11.7. I've been wracking my brains but I just can't think why 10g of carbs would do that to me. 4.1 to 11.7 in 2.5hrs? Did I go lower and have a liver dump? Am I amazingly sensitive to carbs in the evening? I know I'm much more sensitive to insulin in the evening.

I really think this has messed my brain around, because I've been really snappy all evening, especially to my poor other half (I have apologised and explained why and he gave me a big hug and told me he wasn't surprised I felt crappy).

My favourite description of diabetes is: it's a job you didn't apply for, don't want and can't quit. I think it sums it up perfectly!


Big Swifty said...

We are doing much better now we're carb counting, but every now and then random stuff happens, as you know. We suspect our Frank (aged 3) has a secret stash of jelly beans to make blood sugar readings that freak us out, but I know it's not true as I would sniff 'em out. Hope you are having some steadier days.