Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The case of the missing carbs

Yesterday I had such a weird day. I stayed in decent numbers all morning. I had pasta for lunch, and planned to bolus over 2 hours then increase my basal to 150% for 8 hours after that (as suggested by Gary Scheiner).

Except...there was no pasta rise. Not at all. In fact, I went hypo, and stayed hypo (despite fast acting glucose and free carbs) for hours on end. It felt like every hour or so I was shovelling more glucose tabs down my neck. And still, no pasta rise.

What's even weirder? I had pasta again for tea (can you tell I made a huge pasta bake the night before...). I still didn't rise! I went hypo again! I spent most of yesterday after 4pm in the 2s and 3s. I was eating biscuits without bolusing and still dropping like a rock.

...and still no pasta rise, even after 2 lots of pasta that day. According to my meter, at 9.17pm I was 3.6. At 1am, I was 12.7.

So that's where the rise was!

I corrected that 12.7 via the pump (my brain was in no mood to work out active insulin + correction factor). At 6am I had risen to 13.2 and I was feeling pretty grotty. But at least I found the rise! 12 hours after the second lot of bizarre not to have had any kind of rise after the first one.


Sam said...

I don't get pasta spikes O___o So I understand it happened but I think am an odd duck cause it seems everyone else does.