Friday, 6 May 2011

Gigging - again!

I am going to keep this as d free as possible, so I'll get my rant out now: I am NEVER having chinese food from Camden Market EVER AGAIN. I bolused like a bitch for that food, and still hit 21.6. Stupid stupid food! Oh well - I just corrected and tested and as expected, I fell right back down into safe numbers after a few hours.

My dad and I went to see Tim Booth again, this time in London. We VIP'd it again, meaning we got to see the soundcheck.

We arrived a little early, and had to wait over an hour after the published start time to go in for the soundcheck. The soundcheck was fab, as always, it was great to see the band.

After the soundcheck dad and I headed to the market to grab food. As we were walking through, I said to my dad "look at that guy in front, he has a VIP pass on too" then I looked at who he was walking with - it was Tim!!! My dad and I try to be pretty respectful of the band when they are not on stage, so we watched him hop into a taxi with his luggage.

When we got back to the venue after the food, I met up with a friend I met at the Birmingham gig, and we hung around the back entrance of the venue - where all of the band bar Tim were hanging out! It turned out that the keyboardist (Dan), who also plays the sax, was panicking (well, all of them were) as his sax had fallen off the stage and broken! We spent a little while chatting, and he was a genuinely lovely guy - very normal and down to earth.
Me and Dan

Thankfully, they found a replacement sax literally minutes before they were due on stage. I also chatted to Neil  who plays bass:

Me and Neil
Gig was AWESOME. Seriously fab. We stuck around for ages afterwards to see if we could get our VIP passes signed, and they all very kindly obliged :) I also chatted to Dan again which was fab:

All in all - fantastic gig. I can't wait to see them again. I'm hoping to make it to Hop Farm Festival, but it all depends on £ and logistics!

(all photos credited to Lou Purplefairy :))


lou said...

Was a pleasure to meet up with you. Gig was magic. See you at Hop Farm, hopefully we'll get backstage, well, that's my plan. I've photography work to do!