Thursday, 25 August 2011

7 months!

I worked out that tomorrow will be 7 months since I moved to London. 7 months! It feels like I have been forever, and I mean that overall in a good way.

London is a brilliant city. There is so much to DO! I haven't done half the stuff I would like to yet. I enjoy the fact I could never get bored, in theory. There is stuff to do every day, every evening - whatever the weather. Last weekend I went to Brick Lane and drank kiwi juice and ate amazing Ethiopian food with my aunt and uncle. I love going to markets - I can't really afford to buy something every time, but they are great to pass a few hours with. I especially love food markets with amazing vegetarian food!

I've been reverting back to being vegetarian over the past couple of months and am now officially, totally vegetarian. I need to do some food shopping and learn how to make the amazing marinades and sauces I taste in the food markets!

I've also been looking at getting a hobby of some variety - I think I am going to sign up to a block of ballet lessons. I did ballet when I was a teen and got as far as buying pointe shoes (but had to quit and never got the chance to use them). I love how hard a work out ballet is and how much fun it is. Just got to wait for payday so I can pay for it! It will also help with my overall fitness levels...which if I'm going to run that marathon next year, I really need to actually do something about!

Speaking of running the marathon, I have a couple of fundraising ventures this year. All in aid of JDRF.

The first? A skydive!

As someone who isn't so keen on heights, I figure the best way to get people to dig deep for JDRF is to throw myself out of a plane!! Type 1 has been in my life for 20 years now, and I'd really like a few years of my life without it - so please consider sponsoring me. I have paid for the jump myself, so all the money you donate goes to JDRF.

I'll be jumping on 23rd September, at Sibson airfield (near Peterborough, England).



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