Saturday, 16 April 2011

The D community, offline

There's nothing I like better than a good old meet up with other people who are pancreatically challenged.

Last Saturday was the 3 year birthday of Circle D, a support group for people living with diabetes in Kent, England. The day was a typical d meet up: in a pub, lots of light drinking, food, and chatting for hours and hours and hours. Lots of people also came from the Diabetes Support forums. All photos are courtesy of Shelley who organised the day!

The arts & crafts corner went down well!

Our two 'naked chefs' - John made ginger & orange chocolate cake
and Lucian made New York cheesecake
Shelley was chief of D police

Cheers Circle D!
In the tube station on our way home; approx 11.30pm
It was great to see so many people - lots of old and new faces. A big wave to Andrew & little Frank, who celebrated his 4 and 3/4 birthday with us ;)

Today I got to see more lovely d people, this time in the form of 3 mums from the Children With Diabetes UK emailing list. We spent the day in Brighton, eating lots and chatting loads. What more could I want?!

(well, to tell the truth I could have done with nutritional information instead of guessing it - I have been high ever since!)


meanderings said...

I love meeting other PWDs.
Great pictures. It looks like a fun time.

Big Swifty said...

Hi Shiv, it was such a pleasure for Frank and I to meet our on-line friends. It meant a lot to Frank to be in a room with a load of pumpers. He is so cool about it all at the moment. I always value your observations, as we know Frank has more than a few challenges ahead, and of course we want to help him, and your blog and FB makes us better informed. Cheers from us.