Thursday, 22 September 2011

How is referring someone so difficult?!

Last month I went to see a GP at my GP surgery. He happily agreed to refer me to a local hospital for my diabetes care. I then received a letter through the post a few days later to say I had been referred to the Choose & Book system and I should book my appointment online.

I tried to do this, only to be told there were no appointments available to be booked and I should wait to be contacted by the hospital by today. If they didn't contact me, I should ring my GP back.

Me being me, I decided to cut out the middle man and called the hospital's appointment line. I explained what had happened, and the woman very snarkily told me that ACTUALLY, my GP hadn't referred me directly, so they couldn't book me an appointment over the phone.

I am SO frustrated with the GP I saw. How hard is it to write a letter to the hospital, instead of sending me via the Choose & Book system?! It's not like I want to see a consultant for fun!

The other amazingly annoying thing is that I am due to be upgraded to the Animas Vibe, which Animas have said they will do as soon as I have an appointment with a consultant (having the appointment means I can see a DSN beforehand, and the Animas rep will set me up on the Vibe). So this means I am being delayed again onto getting the Vibe!



clarebull said...

Which hospital are you with? My GP is terrible but my hospital is OK...