Friday, 9 September 2011


Argh! I did it! I got a place running the London Marathon 2012 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!! I'd appreciate keeping in touch with people who run regularly.

I am not so scared of the distance, more of the toll it is going to take on my diabetes. I'm also pretty excited to see what that toll is; how is my body going to react? I feel that I can cope with the stresses and pain of the running...I'm more concerned with the highs, the lows and everything in between.

I have trainers. I have shorts and tshirts to run in.

I would love to invest in an mp3 player of some sort; I want an ipod but my uber tight budget won't allow for it. The one I have at the moment is kind of okay, but is small and not great for setting up playlists and stuff. I just read the post Chris wrote about music and running, and I guess this is another curve I'll be learning; what motivates me? Do I want to hear the sound of nature London as I run? Would a playlist of music be best, or a load of podcasts?

I've got 3 people who have volunteered to run with me, so I have no excuses. I also have a park pretty nearby, and I imagine I'll be getting to know it very well very soon...

I have a short attention span and get distracted really easily, and I know I will need to keep mixing things up to keep myself going. When I get onto doing much longer runs, I think I will start investigating getting out of London to do those runs. Brighton? Norfolk? Kent?

And so it begins...


Scully said...

I'm so excited for your journey! I wish I lived there, we could run together.
This post reminded me to send you that email also which I forgot!
It IS a journey and there are a lot of us out here that can help you!