Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Missing in action!

Since starting my new job almost 3 weeks ago, my blog has taken a blow. I work really annoying, irregular shifts, which has left me so tired that when I do get home I'm too tired to update...or I'm so tired I sleep all the way through the morning. I'm hoping now I'm employed it'll be easier to find a different job!

Amazing things happened on Monday. I saw my DSN who has agreed to let me trial an insulin pump as of September 6th! The trial will last 10 weeks and as long as they see an improvement, I should be good to then go for funding to get my *own* pump. To say I am excited is beyond words. I cried when I left the hospital. I'm only just coming down from cloud 9!

I asked about going onto a CGM for a few days and she agrees that it would be a good idea so at some point in August I will get hooked up to one for 5 days.

I am also getting an Accu-Chek Aviva Expert courtesy of my DSN (apparently they cost £80 to buy! She was happy to give me one to try and destress me a little about everything). It's basically the handset to the Roche Spirit Combo pump, which when combined with the pump allows you to bolus and give corrections via the handset - being as I don't have a pump, it obviously doesn't do that, but it does calculate doses, have a huge carb index, etc. I'm going to pick that up tomorrow.

Since working, my numbers have been all over the place. I am still struggling with night time hypos - I start to drop from about 11pm onwards, resulting in a hypo somewhere around 1 - 3am. We have agreed in the mean time I will reduce my Lantus down until the hypos disappear and I will just correct the highs in the morning. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but at least the hypo should in theory go. I've dropped from originally taking 13u of Lantus at night down to 5u. I'm on day 2 of 5u so let's see what happens.

I have my alarm set for 3am!

Also...not that I'm a geek but...


Northerner said...

I love your wallchart Shiv!

Siobhan said...

Thanks! I'm a bit of a kid at heart...I love getting out some paper and felt tip pens, any excuse!

Big Swifty said...

and with the heat and humidity too, we haven't been doing much blogging either. Glad you're back!