Friday, 30 July 2010

Catching up!

Back on July 14th, Allison over at Lemonade Life kindly allowed me to guest post for her. Please see here for the post. Thankyou very much Allison for the opportunity!

I'm really excited for Bec at Insulin's Involved who is currently 'practicing' with a trial pump before picking her very own next week! I really hope everything goes well for her :)

Sam over at Talking Blood Glucose is finally on her pump! She's called it Florence...go and read all about it on her blog.

As for me? Toddling along. Some horrible lows of late, but I have stopped the night time hypos - only by dramatically cutting back on my Lantus which means I am now waking up way out of range, but my DSN said this is the route she wants to take until she is back in a week's time and we can look at switching to Levemir (another type of basal insulin).

I scared the bejesus out of 3 supervisors at work today...I had tested and was 3.6. The 3 of them were standing just besides me so I turned to them to let them know I needed to take a break, when one of them said "Woah, why do you look so tired?" to which I replied "because I'm having a hypo." All of them looked like I'd just slapped them and they all told me to go and take a break. Good to have understanding colleagues!

In other news, I have started jogging. I have been twice - both times I have hypo'd, one time I managed to throw half a tub of test strips across the path (yes, I picked every single one up!). I'm trying to work out how to best manage my levels - I plan to go again on Sunday evening.

On Monday I plan to email the last week or so's BG readings to one of the DSNs on my team. See if she has any suggestions or can help in any way!