Saturday, 8 January 2011

LipohyperWHAT? Experiments, what?

Lipohypertrophy - lumpy/fatty areas caused by injecting insulin repeatedly into the same area (my definition). For over 15 years I injected into my thighs twice daily, meaning I have 2 really nice raised areas. I haven't injected into them for years, literally, and they are still raised, still there.

I usually use my middle areas for my cannulas - tummy, sides, basically anything I can reach easily and is comfortable. I realised I'd been doing this for 4 months straight and everything was starting to look...a bit dot-to-dot.

Yesterday I tried a new site: the lovely raised areas, aka lipohypertrophy, on my thighs. I was really nervous about it - I hadn't tried this site before, I was unsure how much pressure I'd need to apply to break the skin with the inserting needle (I insert my Sils manually), so on so forth.

And what have I found? Since siting the cannula there, I have been hypo several times. I've only just clocked onto it - but since changing, I have been hypo 5 times, in around 30 hours.

My question is now: what do I do with this info? When siting cannulas in my thigh/lipohypertrophy again, should I use a continuously lowered basal, say dropping 5 or 10% at a time? Is it a fluke, a one off? I need to change cannula tomorrow - should I put it in roughly the same area for experimental purposes (I'm a good site rotator normally) and see if I continue to hypo? I have 5 days of the same shifts (7am - 3pm) so it would be a good time to experiment.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! I had always believed/been told that lipohypertrophy would be more likely to send me high due to lack of insulin absorption...the human body is so weird.