Thursday, 13 January 2011


A few months ago I was interviewed by Birmingham Children's Hospital on living with, and growing up with, type 1. Please excuse my lovely Birmingham accent and the fact I sound so apathetic! How embarrassing!!



Kaitake said...

Very cool video, you spoke clearly and eloquently I think :) it's also really nice to put a face to your blog :)

Have you had any feedback from the childrens hospital about what newly diagnosed diabetics who see your vid think of it?

Siobhan said...


It's going 'live' onto this website - - when it's been uploaded onto their server. The press launch for the website is next week! I'll ask for feedback to be sent to me - I'd be interested to hear what people think.

meanderings said...

I thought the video was great. (Big Swifty posted it on fb) I especially enjoyed your large smile as you talked about how important the online forums and blogs have been.
Great job! I'm sure others will enjoy it also.

Sam said...

I love this! Talking about moving from children's clinic to adult clinic really struck me though! We have 'children's' at childrens hospitals till you're about 12, 13 and then 'young adults' from 12/13 to 15/16 to deal with how being a teen is different and that is the same doctors but in a 'normal' hospital to help...I don't know, be a little more serious in the setting as they start to talk to you more and less your parents? Nothing like having a giant hypo hanging over you as you moan about wanting to get a regime that allows you to get chips at lunch with your mates down the street. And then 'adolescent' clinic that you can go to from about 16 to 18, where the staff is mixed children's doctors and adult clinics to prepare you for the chance and then, you get booted up to the adult clinic. It seems that your change was a little more, drastic O.o Must have been difficult. It was interesting to hear your thougths though, I related to a lot of it. And...I'm going to stop rambling on your blog now :) You have me thinking though! There is a blog post in all this I know it!