Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nights like this.

It's 00:11. It's night like this I hate.

I went out for a brilliant walk today. I met up with fellow D John, and we walked over to Hampstead Heath (very famous park in London, fyi). When we got over there, we planned to meet another D, Claire, for lunch. Whilst waiting for her, we found a very posh cake shop and sat outside to enjoy cake. John leant over and whispered, "it's Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter!" - and it WAS! I have never been a celebrity spotter but I was totally in awe of watching very famous people walking up the street, kids in tow. Pretty cool moment for a saddo like me!

Anyway - the walk ended up being about 6 miles, give or take. We dodged hypos with sports drinks and fruit. We both hovered in the 4 - 8 range which I thought was pretty ace. We met up with Claire and set off to find a pub...we ended up at a nice albeit expensive pub (seriously, £7 for a feta and watermelon salad), before wandering back through the park. John and I hypo'd at the bottom of the hill, both of us hitting 3.3. Claire was in the 5s.

We sat down for a while before heading up to another part of the hill. By coincidence, the family I live with were there too so we managed to jump in the car and get a lift back! I was pretty relieved as I didn't fancy another 6 mile walk back!

My levels have been great all evening. Really great - in the 5s and 6s. I had burger and chips and cake for tea (uh oh!) which I bolused appropriately for, or so I thought! I had 12u, 80/20.

I was 5.7 at 21:45, and 16.9 at 23:45 :(

I figure this is just the spike from the burger and chips.

But I feel sick. Like, really nauseous. I am wide awake and yet shattered. I want to get up and walk to work tomorrow but I am worried about being really tired (thankfully I worked a load of extra hours last week so I am doing shorter days at the moment). I am also incredibly resentful towards D right now - I just want to go back to sleep. I don't want to wake up in a couple of hours to check I have come down. I just want to sleep through the night. I don't want to have to be diabetic tonight - not tonight. It's Monday tomorrow - duh! - and I could really do with starting my week positively and in good shape. Only I'll be tired from the lack of sleep tonight. Maybe a 4 mile walk will wake me up?!


Emma said...

Hope today's not been too bad for you :)