Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wedding stuff!

My mum's partner finally proposed - after 12 years! - on Valentine's Day this year. They are getting married on July 15 2012 - 363 days away!

Yesterday was one of the first weekends when my mum, sister and I have all been in the same city and free at the same of course we took the opportunity to go dress shopping! I tried on a bridesmaids dress in the first shop, the one on the left:

We all liked it (although at 5'3 I'll need about a foot of material hacking off the bottom of it!) so it's on the 'maybe' pile. Mum think she is going to have teal as her colour.

Mum tried on this in Monsoon and it looked absolutely gorgeous:

My sister tried on this and we think this might be the choice for us as bridesmaids. It's from Coast.

I would need to work out what to do for the length as it would be far too long on me, and I think both my sister and I would want straps adding on to it.

I went out with mum and her work colleagues last night to a gorgeous bar where we had lovely food - The Vaults. It was really posh inside, our table was in a little vault-y/alcove thing, and there were loads of booths which had tables and comfy seats in. I'd definitely go back there even though it was on the pricey side. I drank a lot of wine - probably a bottle in total, but I had it over the course of 6 hours so I wasn't drunk at all! It didn't really affect my levels to be honest, I woke up on 8.4. I dipped to 5.1 before lunch thanks to bolusing for 40g of food but only eating 30g (which makes me panic - are my basals out? do I need to look at my insulin:carb ratio? is my correction factor right? I've tweaked it from 1u:8g to 1u:7g as a start).

My mum has baked a banana cake so I can't forsee decent levels sticking around for long!


The Taller Sister said...

And I looked BLOODY FABULOUS in it.

Helen J said...

Ooh, I tried that dress on in a darker colour before. It didn't really drag on the ground even on my short body so you might be okay - I expect you'll be in heels anyway :)