Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Walking. And not diabetes failing.

At the moment I'm really motivated to get fit. Don't get me wrong - I'm no Iron Woman. I'm not going to start running marathons next week (no, that's next April in the London Marathon...eeeek).

I decided the easiest way would be to start walking to and from work. It's exactly 4 miles, door to door. It is taking me 1hr 15 mins at the moment, but I'm pedantic and want to get that down to an hour.

I walk just like this...except in central London in trainers
Walking is one thing I find really messes with my levels. It's the fact it's a steady form of exercise...it's as though the glucose just goes trickling straight out of my blood.

Yesterday I had a sports drink (25g carb for the bottle) 30 mins in to the walk. I was 11.2 before I set off but had a little bit of IOB so was quite comfortable with that. At the 30 min mark I was 8.something, which is why I stopped off to get the drink. Another half an hour and I was down to 3.9. Did I mention I'd put a -40% basal on when I began walking? I downed the rest of the sports drink (I'd had about half of it) and had a Hypofit sachet (bleugh). I really slowly walked the last mile home, I was 6.6 when I got back.

I woke up on 8.3, which is...okay. I really need to look at my overnight basals as I keep waking up in the 8 - 13 range - a few weeks ago I was in the 5 - 7 range!

I set off on that 8.3, with a 1 hour -50% basal. I was worried about hypoing again (fear of hypos...something that I am not great at admitting but feel it is important to do so) so I started to drink my sports drink straight away. I made a strategic stop off at a supermarket where I picked up a banana, a carton of AJ and a cereal bar. About 30 mins in I munched on the banana with a 2u bolus, happy I was warding off any potential hypos.

In fact I warded them so far off, I hit 15.7. Bleugh! I let the pump correct that (3.15u) and when I got to the office I was 8.2. I decided to eat the cereal bar (with full bolus) and at last check I was 10.3. I'm hoping I'll come down a little.

So...I need to decide my tactic for tonight's walk! Do I reduce my basal much further beforehand and hope that that stops the hypos? Do I go carb heavy half way through the walk? Choices, choices! I plan to do this most days (although I do imagine I'll end up getting the bus home a couple of times a week when I'm shattered!) so I have lots of practice coming up.


Angie said...

There's something about walking that always gets me - it took me way longer than it should to realise that wandering around town at the weekend was actually *exercise* as far as my BG was concerned!

I had a similar problem with cycling, and what seemed to work best in the morning was to leave my basal alone, but to have breakfast and only bolus for 50-60% of the carbs. Not quite sussed out the evening though - having to eat seems a bit pointless if I'm trying to lose weight! I'll be interested to see what works for you. :)