Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I can't believe it's Wednesday again.

I've had a cold/cough thing for the past 2 days. I woke up at 9.7 this morning which, given my past few waking levels, says to me that I might see a run of highs. Alas. Time to up the basal (and revise my DAFNE handbook...) Because I've felt unwell, all I ate yesterday was some yoghurt, pizza and cookies. Which is not representative of my usual diet! All I had for breakfast was yoghurt, lunch was pizza and salad and I skipped dinner. Not good...I woke up at about midnight absolutely ravenous, so I ate cookies. Oops. Maybe that's why the 9.7 is there? I'm pretty sure I bolused okay for them.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the lovely Lisa of Selly Oak Hospital's Diabetes clinic. I say lovely...I have a love/hate relationship with the woman. I love her because she is helpful. I hate her because she tells me what to do (and the five year old inside me wants to throw a tantrum every time she starts a sentence with "what I want you to do is..."). Still. It'll be okay. Plus it's an excuse to go to Birmingham and see my family, which will be very nice. Also the haircut! The blessed haircut!

On a totally non-diabetes related point, can anyone tell me where to find a Samsung D900 (phone!) cheaply? I've tried ebay, cex, etc but I can't afford to really pay more than £40. Which is a lot to ask haha. But still..I want that phone! I used to have it a couple of years ago then gave it away, now my phone has disappeared and I want a D900 again.

Right, I'm off. I feel like all the energy I have is being leaked out my feet or something. Yay being ill!