Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I have not forgotten about this blog! I just don't have the time to update it as often as I would like.

But I am going to pledge in 2010 to update it weekly. Being as today is wednesday, I am going to pledge to update on Wednesdays.


I had my swine flu/seasonal flu jab about 4 weeks ago. My sugars stayed above 10 and frequently hit the 20s. I felt awful. I upped my Lantus from 24 to 26 for 2 days to help (and it did help, but still only got it down to around the 10 mark).

Christmas wasn't too bad - again, sugars were reasonable with the odd spike. I kind of expected that though. Grazing is my worst habit - when there are are just THINGS (nuts, biscuits, chocolates, etc) around. Ugh. I learnt my lesson!

At the moment I am managing to keep my levels under 10 for most of the time. I find them floating just about 10 sometimes.

My ratios are currently 2:1 (2u/10g carbs) in the morning, 1.5:1 in the afternoon and 1:1 in the evening. But I find I am REALLY sensitive to insulin at night. Say if I test before bed and i'm...14.4 as an example. I would normally give 2u to bring this down. BUT, then I wake up in the 2's. So I'm scared, to be honest, to give even 2u when I'm in the teens!

I had an appt this morning with the DSN but I had to cancel it because of the snow :( it'll get rebooked but still. Ugh.