Friday, 22 January 2010

(a little shout out to Andrew who commented on my last post. I'm glad my blog is useful for you; please keep reading!)

Last week I went to Prague with my mum, nan and sister. It was absolutely fantastic; the snow was still knee-high and powder soft. We kept trying to make snowballs but we couldn't!! The photo below is in Prague Zoo, it's a picnic bench...

Overall my control was okay over the week. I kept my levels under 10 for, I would guess, 95% of the time; I had one low and a couple of highs, but that's an average week, I guess.

Today I've been mainly on the low side; 4.1 waking, 5.4 before lunch, but then dropped to 2.7 post-lunch. I'd taken a nap after our first aid course today (which was pretty good, all things considered) and was having a really vivid dream about being low...then I woke up to 2.7. Ugh. I guess just a miscalculation of carbs.

I have an appointment with the DSN next week (I was snowed in last time!! I thought it was pretty good that they got my appointment rebooked within the month though). Also a hair cut on the same day yay! Now to find some photos to take along with me so I can show him what I want...I haven't been to the hair salon before, I'm only going because it takes the Salon Wish voucher I've had for nearly a year. Which means a £36 haircut is only going to cost me £11. Sweet! I'll be heading back up to Birmingham for the DSN and the haircut (nowhere in Gloucestershire seems to take that voucher!)

I also managed to blow £95 (of christmas money and money I took to Prague but didn't spend) yesterday. No wait...I have £30 left, so I blew £65. I got some clothes and some presents for my dad's birthday. I hope he likes them! I can't afford to post them to him, so I'm going to take them back to Birmingham with me next Thurs and leave them there for him (it's on Feb 5th).

Work/life in the community is a bit pear shaped at the moment. I felt as though I left the school playground years ago, and yet I've discovered someone I thought was a good friend (and even wrote 'please consider me a friend' on a card she wrote to me and David a month after we moved here) has actually been bitching me and David out to our manager. Not even bitching us out as a couple - but saying very personal, and incorrect, things about us ('Siobhan isn't mature enough to realise she cannot spend 24 hours a day with David.' wtf?!) so I'm trying to deal with that the best I can.

I am off to Tesco in a few mins. Oh the joys.


Big Swifty said...

Hey, thanks for the welcome, it's much appreciated. Glad the Prague trip went well. Our christmas in France actually made our christmas easier,looking at checking Frank's intake, with all the chocolate oranges and christmas puddings that would have been around if we stayed home.....