Saturday, 9 January 2010

Today was great, except for the 23.2 and overcorrection. *rolls eyes*

Waking up at 6.6 and being 7.6 before lunch does make me feel as though I am getting control back though. I'm not going to start getting excited about this yet, but I am feeling more positive.


Anonymous said...

From your last entry, it sounds like a pump really would be perfect for you! Less hassle with trying to remember rations etc also the ability to change basal rates (to try and avoid those horrible overnight lows!)

I really hope you can get it! Next entry, tell us which one you are looking at (because I will probably forget to look back at these comments!)

Big Swifty said...

Thanks for writing a blog, portraying your life, spiced up with diabetes. I found you via a Diabetes networking site. Our story is that our three year old was diagnosed with T1D fifteen months ago, so your blog is very helpful to us. Getting our Frank's levels good enough is proving very tricky and we suspect a pump beckons...... Very best wishes, Andrew