Monday, 29 March 2010

How things change.

In the last 3 days, despite correction doses, lower amounts of carbs than usual, etc, I cannot get my sugars in range. They are constantly high. Even though I am checking weights, following ratios, leaving time between eating so the carbs can be absorbed and the insulin has time to work...I am still high, all the time. Today I've been above 10 all day, except for 2 hours post lunch as I rage-bolused and whacked a couple of extra units on top of my correction dose.


8am, waking: 14.6. 4u correction, 40g carbs, 8u for those carbs
12, pre lunch: 15.6. 5u correction, 30g carbs, 5u (1.5u:10g carbs)
2pm post lunch: 4.6 but feeling much lower, shakey etc. small glass of OJ.

and I had a diabetes burnout moment earlier and didn't check pre supper. Supper is always an exact science: bread/toast with ham, and salad. Always 40g carbs.

and right now? I'm 16.4 and sending in another 4u.

There are 2 possibilities I can think of:

1. I am pregnant. This is unlikely, but always a tiny possibility.
2. I have had a really bad mouth ulcer for a week or so, and now my jaw bone/tissue is starting to really hurt - as if it's bruised or something. Maybe that is pushing my sugars up?

Ughhh diabetes why can't you just be black and white for once...