Monday, 14 June 2010


My sister has just reminded me of something my dad used to do when I was younger. Sometimes when he'd give me my injection (which makes me realise this was years ago, I was doing my own injections by age 6 or 7) and say things to mak me laugh - he used to watch darts, so he'd yell things like "Onnnnnne hundred and eighty!" when approaching me with the needle...and he'd pretend to throw the needle in my arm.

Reading back it sounds kind of sadistic, but as a small small child it made me laugh and took the edge off those injections!


Big Swifty said...

This is just the kind of useful tip we need! They don't tell us such useful advice at the hospital, so thanks for sharing.

Siobhan said...

No problem. Got to be honest, I reckon anyone seeing a grown man coming towards them saying 'ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!' would probably be pretty scared, probably best to find another tactic! Thinking back about it, it used to make me focus on my dad being silly, rather than the needle; kind of took the seriousness off the situation.

Let's hope Frank is a dart fan, hey! :)

Alan said...

Wouldn't happen on a Yorkshire board - no treble 20! Best you could hope for is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENNNTYYYYY!!! :)