Thursday, 10 June 2010

Me, without the D.

Hi. I'm Siobhan, I'm 22 and I've spent the majority of my life living in Birmingham, England.

As of today, I'm employed! I have a job in the catering department of a private hospital. It's not well paid and it isn't glam, but it's money and a job I think I will enjoy.

Before now, I've done a whole range of stuff. I took a gap year after my A levels and worked in a pub, in a phone shop, and for the kid's activity company PGL. Through PGL, I lived in rural Herefordshire and in Paris, France. After that I went to America - to Alexandria, Virginia, right on the border of Washington DC - to work in a YMCA for the summer. It was fantastic, although the work wasn't great. I loved it.

After that I went to uni, Bath Spa Uni, down in beautiful Bath. I dropped out after my first year - honestly, I wasn't in the right place mentally. I had huge anxiety/mental health issues. I had even planned, and got as far as being accepted on, to go and study abroad in my second year - I would have gone to Joensuu University in Finland! I was studying International Education, I switched from Geography and Education as I decided I wanted to drop Geography.

Since dropping out of uni in 2008, I have: worked on a floating restaurant, worked in a bank (worst job I have ever done, hands down) and worked with adults with learning difficulties. I lived in a biodynamic/anthroposophical community for 6 months; I got eat the crops grown on the garden, the meat that was raised on the farm, I got to help out working on the farm. Our milk and eggs came from the farm, too.

When I'm not working, I'm usually trying to be as active as I can in the D community, reading a book or spending time with my family. I've recently moved back home to Birmingham and I'm hoping to move into my own place (well, I'll be renting somewhere with my dad) in the next few months - just need to save up for the deposit on a flat!

I've just got a job (as I mentioned above) and I'm working on getting fit. I'd like to lose weight but that's not my big aim - my big aim is to drop a dress size and just feel healthier. I am doing it slowly, but the one big thing I really want to start doing is exercising more - I'm contemplating how I can do this. I'm not big on running. I might start doing some long evening walks. I could do with a dog. Anyone want to lend me a dog?


Bec said...

Love this post. Sounds like you have had a really interesting few years with all those different jos and working abroad!!
And huge congrats on getting your new job!!! Hopefully it means you're one step closer to getting the deposit for your new place with your Dad.
Oh, and if you want to borrow a can happily have one of mine!! Lol. xx

Siobhan said...

I'm always up for walking a dog, so if you're free one of these summer days we should take your pooches for a mega walk!

Big Swifty said...

What a great portrait of your life so far, some great adventures. I hope you never lose that spirit! We keep trying things, even if they don't always work out. Glad you have found a job, and have a plan in Birmingham (I like Brum a lot). Fitness is so worth pursuing. We've lost the plot a bit recently, with comfort eating and weight gain, but are fairly active, and can pull it back together in time.... So, good luck to you with the next stage.