Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Poor, poor blog.

My poor blog has unfortunately been what I've had to sacrifice over the last few weeks with everything going on here.

The first, and most excellent news, is that I have a new job! It's a health care assistant role at a hospital in Brighton. I can start once all the appropriate bits of paper have been filled in, checks made, references gathered. The paperwork I received today says they would like me to start on September 6th as long as said checks etc have gone through - that's less than 3 weeks away (and also the date I am due to start my pump trial, cue panic emails being send to my DSN)!

(for those non-UKers, I am currently based in Birmingham, in the middle of England, and Brighton is on the south coast, approx 160 miles south).

(and the thought of living by the SEA SIDE!!! makes me feel as happy as the kid in the photo on the right)

So: I am attempting to be able to get down and visit some places to rent (I intend to move into a houseshare, to keep my costs down) - which is nigh on impossible, considering I am working full time and train tickets are £40 return and I am trying to save up to be able to pay a deposit! Anyone want to give me the winning lottery numbers?!

I'm incredibly excited about this huge change in my life; I'm going to live in a city I love, do a job that will set me up brilliantly to go into nursing and finally I feel like I am on the right path in life.

...but seriously, those lottery numbers would be nice!


Northerner said...

Brilliant news Shiv! So happy for you - you thoroughly deserve your happiness, and you will be a fantastic nurse one day! I'll be sure to visit!

Helen said...

It might be easier to sort your accomodations out once you get there - staying with a friend for a week or so until you find a place, if possible. There's bound to be something suitable available at any given time and it'd just save you the money on travelling to and fro.

Siobhan said...

Helen, I wish I could but I don't know anyone that could let me stay. I think I'll just try and cram as many viewings into one day as possible!

D_G said...

Thats fantastic news shiv well done!! i am really happy for you and you deserve it! :) ...and when you manage to find those lottery numbers let me know too and we can split the money :p xx

Michael Hoskins said...

Just came across your blog, and am happy to find another Type 1er in the Diabetes Online Community! Congrats on the new job, and good luck finding a place to rent. This PWD from across the pond will look forward to seeing your updates here and around the DOC!

Samantha said...


Big Swifty said...

I am so pleased for you. I hope you are happy there; friends always say how they like Brighton. Very best wishes from your pals, the Budds!