Saturday, 28 August 2010

CGM day 3.

Well, today I am thoroughly unimpressed with this bit of kit.

It hasn't picked up on the rises and falls my BG tests have shown; for example, BG tests showed I swung around the 7 - 11 mark for some of the afternoon - CGM stayed in the 11s the whole time. Every time I have done a BG test today, the CGM is out by at least 3mmol/l.

The whole point of this is to show my team the rises and falls in my glucose levels - yet it keeps deciding I'm just sitting stable almost all the time! Right now it's showing 8.5 with a downward arrow -- no no wait, I just checked again and I'm 8.4 with an arrow pointing forwards, meaning my levels are steady.

BG test is: 7.6. Not bad, for once. 7.6 is a good number for 1.30am, but I know it's only because I've been working since 5pm. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I'm off to see my mum's family for the day and spend the day just chilling out. This time last night I was up in the 11s.

Now for some much needed sleep!