Monday, 30 August 2010

CGM, days 4 and 5.

I'm handing the CGM back tomorrow and hopefully will get to see all the downloaded data from it. I'm really curious as to what my team make of it (hopefully it won't be "you're fine, we're going to cancel your pump trial").

It's got a tiny bit tender today, I've knocked it a couple of times today and it hurt a little. Nothing too bad, just a bit tender.

I do like this technology. I really do. I think it offers a lot of hope for us in terms of control (and peace of mind). However, until the technology is advanced, I still remain on the unconvinced side of things. I look forward to it improving though!

Here's the last 24 hours. Shot up to 17 after breakfast (despite a correction to deal with the 12.something I woke up on), and then spent the rest of the day battling the Himalayas (aka spikes in my blood glucose levels).

I think I bottomed out at 3.3, but had several 'low glucose alert' alarms after which had to be dealt with with juice!