Thursday, 24 March 2011

4th April!

On Friday, I received confirmation that I have secured NHS funding for an insulin pump and the associated supplies for that.

I ummed and ahhed over which pump to go with for a long time. Up until October last year, at the Friends for Life conference, I had only ever 'met' Medtronic pumps. There, I got the chance to see the other pumps on the market, and was really taken by the Animas 2020.

I have been using a Medtronic 512 for the past 6 months; I borrow it from my hospital. I like the Medtronic pump. It is so easy to use, and has my favourite button ever: the bolus button! It also has the feature of using the 'up' arrow button to easy bolus.

However, when it boiled down to it, I realised that I had been won over by the Animas. I have been in touch with them over the last few weeks, asking questions about the 2020 and the upgrade system they are offering (if you have a 2020 with a warranty starting AFTER 01/03/11, you are eligible to upgrade, for free, to the new Animas pump when it is on the market). They have been extremely helpful and prompt in responding to all my queries.

I got an email from them this morning, confirming my hospital has ordered a pump and supplies. On Monday April 4th, I will be hooked up to a black Animas 2020, and I just can't wait!


Pearlsa said...

I currently use an Animas 2020 also black and I love it.

Emma said...

Congratulations Shiv! :)