Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"It would be okay."

Last weekend, I decided at the last minute to get a train back to where I grew up, and spend a night back at my mum's house. I got a train (well, there were engineering works, so I ended up on a train to a small town, a coach from there to another small town, and another train to my home city!) there, so my mum met me in town.

We had lunch at Nando's, which provided a good chance to catch up and share all our news. We had plenty to tell each other! My mum and I get along so, so well now - since I've moved out of home, our relationship has totally transformed, and I can't begin to explain how brilliant I think she is. Maybe it's having responsibilities of my own (ie paying rent, bills, working full time) and appreciating how hard she has worked for me and my sister all those years. Whatever the reason, we are like two peas in a pod (throw my sister in the pot, and we're 3 peas in a pod) and I just love it.

Anyway - the best news, which I found out the day it happened, is that my mum is engaged! She has been with her partner for over 10 years, and we'd all given up any hope he would propose. I'm so excited for her! My sister and I will be bridesmaids, which is ridiculously exciting!

"Siobhan, what ARE you doing, and why
does it involve poking me in the face?!"
Amongst all the chatter we had that day, we spoke a little about my sister and type 1 diabetes. How we obviously hope she never ever develops it, how she has agreed to be part of a research study (looking at siblings and genes etc), the fact she never complained as a child when I had to take up the attention of my parents because of diabetes. I was diagnosed when she was 3 months old, so she has literally never known a world in which I'm not diabetic (just the same as I don't remember being non-diabetic).

My sister recently told my mum that if she were to ever be diagnosed with type 1, "it would be okay - I would just get on and deal with it, like Siobhan does". That actually made me catch my breath; I feel so amazed that I have been able to give her that positive way of thinking.

God forbid it ever happened...but I know she would be okay.


Cat said...

I love this :) you're an amazing person Shiv thats why she thinks like that! I know I keep saying it but i will be down to visit u as soon as i can afford it! Xxx