Thursday, 17 March 2011


When I was young, the first hypo symptom I always got was wobbly legs.

"Mum, I have wobbly legs."

My parents quickly realised this was my way of expressing I was hypo, and would go running for the hypo treatment of choice in those days:

HypoStop! Oh god, I can remember it now. That thick, disgusting gel that taste of pure chemicals. It was absolutely vile (but of course - it did the trick). It's now been rebranded as GlucoGel, and this is the bottle I remember it being in:

I remember the way the top of it used to bash off my gums as my mum spread it around my's making me shudder just thinking about it!

How have your hypo treatments changed over the years?

[disclaimer: I haven't been asked or paid to write about GlugoGel by anyone - it was a flashback moment!]


MartYn said...

As I'm a newly diagnosed (under a year) I've only ever used lucozade drinks/tabs, dextrose tablets or jelly babies. I do have some glucogel though just never used it. I think I'd only use it as a last resort as I've never heard anyone say it tastes nice. You'd think they could make something high in glucose taste nice though wouldn't you, I mean, how hard can it be!

Anonymous said...

never had to use it for Emma, however I was told to stand to the side when you use it as children spit it out all over the place..nice!!