Monday, 28 March 2011

Sun sun sun & thankgod for the DOC

One of the positives of having type 1 has been discovering the type 1 community, both online and offline.

Offline, I have made some amazing friends. Friends who have leapt into my life and spun it around, making me very happy! I've become really close with a few of them in particular, and one of the girls and I decided that we should go on holiday this year.

So, at the end of May, my good friend N and I will be heading off to the beautiful coast of Croatia, where we will spend 9 days exploring the local area, spending time on the beach, drinking LOTS of cocktails - all whilst doing this with type 1 :) I'm a tad apprehensive as it's my first holiday since pumping but I know everything will be fine!

The place we are going to stay at is like a little apartment - with our own kitchen and living room. I can't wait! It's supposed to be really warm then and I cannot wait to get a bit of Vitamin D. I burn quickly, so there won't be any sunbathing or anything for us, but a day by the sea is a definite! It also looks like we can take a boat out to some of the islands just off the coast, and maybe even head over the border into Bosnia.

Online, the DOC is a literal lifesaver. I got an email on the insulin pumping emailing list asking if anyone in London could meet a fellow type 1 from America in London on business. Her business trip had been extended by a week without warning and she was running low on insulin. I immediately arranged to drop by some insulin and pump supplies, and we're meeting up on Wednesday for breakfast! DOC goes international :)