Monday, 30 November 2009


Tomorrow, we move to Gloucester. Yay! After what feels like months and months, but is actually more like 2 months, we can finally move down there.

I'll be staying at Selly Oak Hospital though. Far too much hassle to move clinics. Although I might have a sniff around at Gloucester to see what their feelings on pumps are.

Sugars on the whole over the past few days seem to be: wake up low, stay high for rest of day. Even with corrections (which I know I'm not supposed to do after a hypo).

I've dropped my basal from 30 to 26 in like...a week? But I'm still waking up low? I think I might be going round in circles - high at night, so I correct, then wake up low. A couple of nights ago I tried to get around this but undercorrected (2u instead of 3) - but still woke up at 2.7.

Oh bring on this week when I actually have some routine.

New kitties are settling in fine! <3 they are lovely.