Wednesday, 18 November 2009

#3, very overdue

ugh i know i should have updated sooner. i was just avoiding it.

so i went for my "pump" appointment 2 weeks ago. the nurse, Lisa, was nice but not someone i had met before. i explained how my hba1c was creeping up and up and how i'm finding it difficult to keep my numbers below...well, below 10. i explained how i was ill the week before which shot my numbers all over the place.

"you've done DAFNE haven't you Siobhan?"
"yes, in march 08"
"did you follow the DAFNE principals in treating sickness?"
*blank stare* seems that DAFNE has locked itself away in a box in my mind. sure, i do carb counting and ratios and all that jazz, but sick rules? exercise rules?

i need to point out that i took my partner, Dave, to the appointment with me. we live together and i am trying to get him as involved and as educated as i can. i am fortunate in that he is very supportive and will do anything he can to support me with this.

...anyway. it was after the blank stare that things in the room..changed. Lisa sighed and said, "I think we need to go back to DAFNE basics. you need to be doing x, y and z. you also need to do 1, 2 and 3." (eh forgive numbers and letters, it was 2 weeks ago)

so Dave jumps in with, "what does she need to do? i'll make her do it!"

i actually welled up because i felt very cornered. i obviously knew they were saying all of it for my own good, but i felt very small.

anyway, long story short, i got told we were not going to discuss pumps until i have had a proper hash at DAFNE. and i have been! i have been dutifully recording my sugars, how many CPs i had, how many units of insulin, etc.

i was completely baffled by a few things she said. mainly in regards to execise and how to treat lows/keep normal sugars during exercise. i think this is because i have been diabetic for so long, i have got into my own habits.

BUT: the one big thing that she's made me change (just until friday when my follow up appointment is) is NOT testing 2 hours after each meal. she said she wanted to get a clear picture of what my ratios are doing at the moment so she didn't want me testing and correcting. obv i am still testing if i feel low/feel high, but unless it is over 15 i am not correcting. i am also not recording the ones i do not correct.

however, this has left me feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable and uneasy, not knowing what my sugars are doing. but, for the sake that it was a medical professional who told me not to, i am abiding by it.

i am really hoping this will help. i am hoping that going in there with 2 weeks of testing/insulin/food records will be beneficial.

update on friday after the next appointment!

quote of the day: my sister spilled her drink down her front. i called her an idiot (in a nice way!); she retorted with "well at least my pancreas works". i had to lol.


Northerner said...

Hope the appointment goes well Shiv! I find it hard to make changes to my routine and I've only been at it for less than two years, but if it gives you better control and the promise of a pump, it's worth it!