Saturday, 14 November 2009

meter reviews by Shoot Up or Put Up

one of my favourite blogs, Shoot Up or Put Up (i have no idea how to link that), does reviews of meters (as i discovered today!).

please, please read this. the comments on it had me cracking up. i personally use a Freestyle Lite, which has a pretty good review on there ("But I’ve left the best for last – this is the first meter I’ve tested that actually passes the 4am hypo test because – wait for it – it has an internal LED that lights up the test strip! Halle-bloody-luiah! This simple addition allows you actually see where your blood is on your finger, instead of having to randomly stab the test strip around in the pitch dark").

i know i still owe a big post re: appointment with pump nurse. i'm just avoiding it, being as i found the whole thing pretty traumatic. ha.


talkingbloodglucose said...

hahaha, i LOVE shoot ups meter reviews!