Wednesday, 4 November 2009


by the time i have written this blog, i will have a video i can post :) it's uploading to youtube right now.

so. tomrrow i have an appointment with the diabetes/pump nurse. i have been looking at/reading about pumps for a while now, reading several blogs of pumpers, etc. and i'm pretty sure it's the direction i want to go in. (dave's first reaction: 'but what about when we have sex?!?!?!')

i have struggled to maintain a decent hba1c since i switched to MDIs.  it has rocketed, in fact, and keeps climbing despite my attempts to keep it down. i have done DAFNE and i try to stick to the principles of it. but i feel like right now diabetes is winning the battle, and i'm a sinking ship. or something.

i've also noticed that i am losing my hypo awareness, which scares me silly. i've been down to 2.7 and not felt it. weirdly it was only when i was coming back up that i felt low? odd.

i'm sure i'll have a nice big blog post for tomorrow after the appointment...for now:


Roo said...

Sound like you have a cold? More like sound way more Brummy than Roo remembers, that's what you sound like.

shiv said...

my boyfriend is from the black doesn't help

talkingbloodglucose said...

LOL SHIV! You made my lol quite a lot. Vlog on my Blog haha :) I got a mention yaaaaaaaay

Anonymous said...

Loved it Shiv! It made me laugh, that is EXACTLY how my bad used to look when I was on injections. Those stupid paper needle cover things were everywhere. Seriously, I found them in the most stupidest places (like in my car, and in the hallways)!

I went on a pump at the start of the year (as you know) and it's definately made my life so much easier, it was hard at first, and my first hba1c after pumping wasn't that great, but now I'm starting to get the hang of things!!