Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Planning. Changes. Positive steps forward.

As I've mentioned recently, I am constantly seeing high blood sugar readings. Maybe once or twice a day I see lower ones.

I attribute this to a current phase of burnout. Honestly, right now, I feel like I haven't got the energy to cope with this. I'm not angry, or frustrated. I'm not doing things that are purposely destructive. I just don't have the energy to do the positive steps that are needed to get myself back on track.

Most of my energy is currently directed on my new life/work (living and working in an anthroposophical, biodynamic community of adults with learning difficulties). I pretty much work 24/7, in that I am in charge of running one of the houses in the community...I have 2 coworkers who work 45 hours a week each, but that leaves a lot of hours that myself and my partner cover. We're on call to our residents 24/7.

Point being...I need to realign my energies, and start to focus back on my diabetes. I was thinking of things that would help me do this.

I came up with:

- getting a cup/glass/beaker that I can mark 100ml, 200ml etc on the side, so I can be sure of how much juice I'm drinking and not guesstimating. We get some amazing juices here, and I hate not being able to drink them; quite often I'll bolus for breakfast, and have the juice last.

- digging out my digital scales, and getting over my irrational embarrassment of weighing my food in front of other people. I'm usually pretty good at guesstimating my meals, but this will mean accuracy, not guesstimacy!

- finding my copy of the Collins Carb Counting book. It went AWOL when we moved.

I hope that by having little things like this, it will shift myself from being apathetic about my diabetes, to being proactive.