Monday, 19 April 2010

19 years.

Today, April 19th 2010, is 19 years exactly since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Do I hate it? Yep. I'd happily punch it in the goolies if I ever got chance (and it ever became physically possible to punch diabetes in the goolies). But having type one has shaped me as a person. I wouldn't be who I am without it. Yes, it's made me behave like a control freak on crack. And yes, I know the carb content of most foods known to man. It is something that influences every single thing I do; it never leaves my mind. I am always thinking about something related to diabetes, even if I don't realise I am. It is whole and all-consuming. But...I'm also very, very proud to be a type one. I'm proud to be part of a community of people who share so much love and understanding it blows your socks off.

I'm glad to have met some amazing people because of diabetes. These people have become true friends - not just 'people I know with diabetes'. I'm so glad to have people who just *know* what it feels like to not see a number below 10 all day, or having to keep snacking because you can't get above 5.

Anyway: it's late, I'm tired. To all of those of you out there with type one: thank you for being such a strong community. Maybe one day, we'll see a cure.

And just to give all of you a heads up for my 20th anniversary: I am planning something VERY big.


Big Swifty said...

We're fairly new to it all - little Frank was diagnosed 18 months ago - but have already found what a fantastic D-community there is out there, it has been so helpful to us. And reading your blog has helped us, so thanks.

birdy said...

hi there! randomly found your blog and love it!! this was a great post...i'd like to punch D in the eyes, least i think that's what this means, LOL!
emily, from albuquerque, new mexico, usa.