Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Thankyou lovely pharmacist in Boots!

Today I went to Cardiff.

Today I left my insulin pen in my kitchen.

Today I frantically text all my D-friends that I have numbers for. One very bright spark, Tom, suggested I went to a pharmacy and beg them for insulin. Which I did - and the lovely pharmacist in Boots in Cardiff gave me an emergency prescription of a Flexpen with Novorapid in it. Yay! Success! Our day was lovely, we wandered around the city for a while, I had a lovely hypo in the museum and got the giggles BIG TIME. I was down to 2.9 and I just couldn't stop laughing - I honestly think that people must have thought I was drunk. Oh well. We went down to the Bay area too and had pizza for lunch. It was very windy but a really nice day out.

Tomorrow I get a lie in! Hurrah. Then on Saturday I go to London and meet a lovely bunch of other people with diabetes! Yayyy!


Big Swifty said...

I'm glad that it worked out for you, getting the insulin from a pharmacist. I may recollect wrongly, but wasn't there an article by Arthur Smith in the DUK mag, saying that he was refused insulin - like you'd make up that you needed it! I've never been to Cardiff - I must visit some time.

shiv said...

Cardiff is lovely, we saw the main city centre, the National Museum and the Cardiff Bay area. we plan to go back sometime in the future.