Friday, 30 April 2010

Ever feel like a pin cushion?

Last night, I got obsessed with working out how many injections I've done since diagnosis 19 years ago.

For the first 15.5 years of my d-life, I did 2 injections a day. 15.5 years = 5657 days (give or take for leap years etc). That's April 1991 to October 2006.

5657 x 2 = 11314

October 2006 to present, I have been on multiple daily injections. I decided to go with an average of 6 a day, although as we all know it could be a lot less, or a lot more, depending on the day.

3.5 years = 1277 days.

1277 x 6 = 7662

So, over 19 years, I have injected roughly 18977 times.

Almost nineteen thousand injections? Seriously? I guess it shows what your body is capable of with standing.

I challenge you to work out how many injections you've done :)


Big Swifty said...

Our little Frank has had T1D for 18months. In my slighty angry moments I do the "needles and pinpricks" calc in my head. And we have a big sharps bin that will soon need emptying. Pah!

Northerner said...

2,803 for me - 700 days at 4 a day and 3 corrections! As for fingerpricks...eek! Probably about 4,200 as I average 6 a day. Astonishing when you work it out, as I've barely started compared to you!