Monday, 24 May 2010

Bureaux Volume Two: My First Day

Welcome to the second edition of the Bureaux Carnival! I'm pleased to be able to show case some awesome blogs today. The theme for this carnival was 'my first day', and any way you wanted to interpret that.

Diabetes can be like your first day at school, only over and over again. Sam talks about all her firsts with diabetes from her first injection to the first time she realised she was on the wrong track.

Alison over at Shoot Up or Put Up discusses the fact that despite not remembering her diagnosis, she has racked up a fair few 'firsts'. Go on over and check the post out to see what her firsts were!

Becky on the other hand looks at the concept of picking any day as a first, and not placing pressure on ourselves in case of setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

The next bureaux will be hosted in 2 weeks over at Sam's blog, Talking Blood Glucose. Keep your eyes peeled for information!


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