Saturday, 29 May 2010

My dad.

My parents split up when I was about 9, which resulted in my dad moving into a flat just around the corner from us. We (myself and my sister) saw him very often, and stayed over every Saturday. It was a groovy arrangement, but one that meant he didn't have much involvement in my diabetes care (not because he didn't want to - just didn't have to).

I moved out of my mum's house when I was 18, living a range of places...Hereford, Paris, just outside Washington DC, Bath, Stourbridge, Gloucester...until a couple of weeks ago when I moved back home.

I'm hoping to be able to live with my dad at some point; as soon as I get a job and can afford it, we'll look at renting a flat or house somewhere. It's a pretty sweet arrangement: we are very very similar people (we both prefer early nights and early mornings than late nights and late mornings, we have a similar music taste, we share the same sense of humour, so on so forth).

What's really made me proud/pleased/feeling fuzzy on the inside is that my dad is actively seeking out ways to learn about how I manage my diabetes. He's asking lots of questions and asking me to tell him about things. He wants to support me as I try to get as involved as I can in the diabetes world; he's said he'll come to any events etc that are happening (I've roped him into the JDRF Discovery Day in a few weeks!). He said this morning "it really is a full time job, isn't it?" and it's so good to hear that - that he gets the bigger picture. That sounds so patronising - but I hope you know what I mean.

I'm going to embarrass him and my sister by putting up a photo; this is from father's day last year, when we took him to the Electric Cinema where they were showing his favourite Bond film, Goldfinger! My sister is demonstrating the very novelty 'text the bar' service, where you can text a number and they bring you whatever your order, straight to your seat - very cool!

**edit**: just had a call from Dad - he wanted me to point out that he has lost 2 stone since this photo. I was going to put in the post to begin with, but wasn't sure how to phrase it politely, yknow? So yeah. Dad has done brilliantly, totally revamped his diet and has lost loads of weight and is a proper slim Jim now! :)


Anonymous said...

Really liked this post. My story is pretty similar to yours in that my parents split up when I was 12 (2 years after I was diagnosed), me and my younger brother used to go and stay with my Dad every Saturday and he never really took much notice of my diabetes, again like your story, this was partly down to the fact that he never had to think about it as we weren't living togehter on a full time basis - but then again, only having breakfast cereals in the house such as coco pops and sugar puffs probably was just plain ignorance on his part!!!! Its really really good to hear that you're Dad is becming more involved in your diabetes and actively wanting to learn more about it. It's a shame not all Dad's are like that!!!! Lol. :o)

Anonymous said...

How sweet!! I was going to move back in with my momma for awhile too, until the stuff with my father in law happened.

I think that is so great that your dad is trying to learn more about diabetes!! Sounds like he is a great guy!