Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New loot!

Gold, m'hearties!

Okay...maybe not gold. Over the past week, I've been adding to my collection of diabetes kit.

I've had a lot of lovely things come in the post!

First off, I got the awesome Contour USB from Sam over at Talking Blood Glucose. Sam was incredibly kind and sent me her spare one (long story!) as I was desperate for one but couldn't really afford one (see: being unemployed). The Contour USB is an brilliant piece of kit - wonderfully easy to use and it has some brilliant features (such as being able to stick it in your computer and it producing lovely graphs and spreadsheets).

Then, I got a NovoPen4 from Shelley. I've been after one for a while, as my NovoPen3 was looking a tad on the battered and bruised side. Actually it was looking quite close to death, to be honest! It was great to get that in the post.

Yesterday, I got TWO things in the post: a lady called Heather from the Children With Diabetes emailing list sent me a NovoPen Junior. Hurrah!! I can now inject half units. Oh happy days - more accurate dosing! I am really happy to have the NovoPen Junior.

The other thing I got was a Multiclix lancing device from Accu-Check device. I am a little bemused as to how Accu-Chek got my address, as I'm 98% certain I've never given them my address! Oh well.

So, my biggest thanks to the diabetes online community, as 3 of the 4 things I've had have come from the guys on there. Thankyou :)