Thursday, 27 May 2010

Why I want to raise awareness of Type 1

So, I've lived with type 1 for 19 years. However - over the past year, type 1 has become much more than just the devil on my shoulder - it's become my passion.

I want to find a cure. Not me personally - I'm not a scientist! - but I want to raise awareness, to raise money, to fund the scientists to find the cure. I want to help create a sense of community for children and teens living with it, because I've been a child and a teen living with it!

I don't want kids - babies, toddlers, school kids - having to live with x amount of injections and y amount of blood glucose tests a day. I don't want them to have to be hooked up to a pump to stay alive. I don't want them to spend their lives constantly carb counting, working out ratios, factoring in exercise, fat content, etc.

I'm going to be doing some volunteer fundraising whilst I haven't got a job. I want to boost my fundraising experience and profile. I'd love to get a job working for JDRF as a fundraiser, or even just a long term volunteer. I'd still like to do nursing. I'm trying to wrap myself up in the world of diabetes, to become part of it, to be an active member of it.

And I'm taking steps, y'know?

I've set up an informal support group for young people in the Midlands living with diabetes. It's called MyD (Midlands Young Diabetics) - the facebook page is here, the website site is here. Please contact me for more info, and please pass the details on to anyone who may be interested!

I'm meeting up with JDRF's regional fundraiser (based in Birmingham) tomorrow, to discuss how to involve more young people with type 1 with JDRF.

I'm volunteering at JDRF's Discovery Day in Birmingham and I'm hoping to Walk to Cure later this year.

...and I'll be doing anything else I can think of along the way!


Bec said...

BRILLIANT!!!! Cant wait for the first MyD meet up!!!

Louie said...

I totally understand you when you say that somehow you want to help. Every little effort can help research.

But while we're waiting for a cure to be found... I think you're doing a great job *right now* with setting up a support group. Support is somehow as important as treatment. As we all have experienced, diabetes has some psychological downsides, it can make you feel rather alone and being part of a community can really make the difference.

Good luck with the support group and with the job seeking.