Friday, 21 May 2010

Infuriated...then calmed.

I had to post about this. A friend of mine, also t1, posted on the Diabetes UK Facebook page that she had called ahead to the nightclub she was going to to inform them she was bringing an insulin pen, only to be told it was policy to have them taken off the person and put into the medical box.

This angered a lot of people. But the story has a good end!

I was absolutely furious - take my insulin? OFF me?

I sent a very angry email to them, and hunted down their phone number. The girl I first spoke to on the phone told me the same story - to which I promptly blew my steam at her.

I got to speak to the manager, who assured me that it *was* policy a few years ago, but hasn't been for a long time. He said that they have a medical room and ask if that if anyone needs to inject, they do it in there, rather than the toilets.  I informed the manager what the first member of staff had said, and he said he would set her straight.

He even offered to meet my friend at the door (sadly we're only facebook friends, and I don't have her number) to let her know the facts. He also said he was type 2 himself, so he had some understanding of the whole thing!

Oceana: still not impressed that you used to have that policy, but I'm glad you've changed, and you have a good manager there. I still won't be visiting you though.


Roo said...

Good post, nice to know people arent terrible. Also, I prefer this layout and banner.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I like your new page!

I would be royally pissed if someone tried to take my insulin (especially because its so damn expensive...what if they loose it?!?!) But, I'm glad that its been sorted out. :) How sweet of you to stand up for your friend!

Anonymous said...

Hello- thought i would tell you a similar story. About 5 years ago i was returning home from visiting France. They did the usual searching of my bag, holding up my bag of insulin and other bits, then told me that they would have to take my insulin from me and for it to be kept with the captain. to say the least i was shocked, now ur thinking why did i not shout and scream, as i accepted this implication. The French would probably arrest me and not allow me home, my French is really bad. To answer the question, i have traveled and been to many destinations. This was the only company that i had problems with having an insulin pen. Why do airports treat us with such contempt, i carry lucazade with me oh but i am not allowed to purchase a bottle from a supermarket, i have tpo purchase the overpriced liquids at the airport shops.