Monday, 10 May 2010

Diabetes Blog Week: A Day In The Life

Today is day one of Diabetes Blog Week! Karen has come up with the awesome idea of all of us d-bloggers posting about the same thing each day. So here is mine for today!

8am: wake up, feeling pretty groggy. Levels are at 9.1, which is not good, but not unexpected - I had a late night attack of the munchies, but that was bolused for. Ho hum.

8:30am: I'm up, dressed and washed. Sort of ready to go, but not quite. Today I have someone coming in to cook for my residents (I live in a residential community of adults with learning difficulties), and she's never been to our house, so I show her around and she gets on cooking quiche. I have a banana and a bacon roll for breakfast, which I estimate 55g carbs for in total. So, 11u + 1 correction.

It's a lazy morning and I spend most of it chilling out. Mid morning I make a raspberry/milk/banana smoothie thingy, which I eyeball and guesstimate at 30g carbs. Inject 5u Novorapid.

12:45pm: lunch time! I'm 5.8, but feel lower than this. We have yummy quiche and home grown salad. I have a HUGE serving of quiche though (the girl who cooked it is a good cook!) and using my previous knowledge (HA!) I guess at 30g carbs, but I'm aware I still have some active insulin hanging around, so instead of my usual 1.5:10g, I do 1:10. After lunch I do some domestic-y things, like file away bank statements with my residents and get washing out.

Again I was able to chill out this afternoon. I fell asleep - the kind of sleep where you don't realise you're asleep until you wake up. Except I woke up around 4pm and felt like the world was spinning. A quick test and I'm down to 1.8. Cue me having a hungry hypo, where I proceed to drink too much apple juice and eat 6 ginger cookies. OOPS. After a little while I felt back to normal, but didn't dare test for fear of what the cookies had done. I bolused appropriately for them, and prayed that things would balance out.

I'm not going to fib - I didn't test presupper at 6pm. Supper was a big salad and some toast and ham.

I'm now 17.9. I don't normally like to flounce my numbers around (far too many negative experiences of being judged when I was younger). But this is you guys, and I know you get it. Safe to say I'm bolusing 4u for that. And staying up for another 2 hours to make sure it comes down.

Sigh. Guys, today has been another long day, and one of those days where I wish things would magically keep my levels in place. My personal life is stressing me to hell, which isn't helping.

But I'm looking foward to Sunday, which should be the day I get to move back home to Birmingham. I'm also looking forward, and feeling motivated by, this week's blogging activities. Bring on tomorrow!


Big Swifty said...

Julie's doing our d-blog for the whole week
So glad to read your honest account. We do quite well with our litle Frank, but there are always random results which are difficult to explain. A very good set of results today 5.6, 4.8, 4.3. If only we were always that lucky.