Friday, 14 May 2010

Exercise...or not.

My post tonight is going to be pretty short, for one reason: at present, I do next to no exercise, at all.

But I'm hoping that's all going to change soon. I really want a new hobby. So I'm looking to take up something new and different...pilates is almost a certain, as I need to deal with my back/posture issues, and I hear pilates is good for that. If nothing else, it's more energy that I'm expending at the moment.

I recognise the importance of exercise in helping to maintain good control; I am just far too lazy. Recently though, as I've said, this is changing, so I'm hoping in the coming weeks/months I will have a new hobby and a new body (haha okay I can only dream...)

European bloggers! Yes, you there! I am going to be hosting the next Bureaux Carnival here on May 24th, which is far too close for my liking! 

The theme this day is: My First Day. This can be broadened out to your first memory. What's the first thing you remember about your condition (because this Carnival is not just aimed at people with diabetes, it's for anyone living with a chronic condition)? Do you remember your diagnosis? 

Please send submissions to bureauxcarnival @ by May 20th. I realise that is less than a week away and I do apologise, but get them in and see them up on the 24th :)