Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's been a few days.

A lot has happened over the past few days. The most important thing is that I have moved back to Birmingham, and am now living back with my mum. Not my ideal, but until I have a job and can afford to move out, this is where I am.

Observations over the past few days:

24u lantus leaves me running slightly high during the day, but I don't hypo overnight
26u lantus leaves me at decent levels all day, but I hypo overnight

- I don't have a pen that will allow me to do 25u, although I am thinking about doing 24 + 1 extra from the 1 unit pen I have. It might sound stupid, but the thought of doing two injections per night makes me feel ill :\ do not want. But, I'll try it.

Just to point out that I went up to 26u about a week or so ago.

Last night, I was 4.9 before sleep. I wasn't happy with that - I know that I tend to drop, so I have been going to bed on slightly higher numbers recently. So, 4.9. I had 2 cookies (aka 20g carbs) and set my alarm for 3am.

11.30pm - 4.9 + 20g carbs
3am - 7.3
8.30am - 4.8

...yeah I'm pretty glad I had the cookies.

I'll try the 25u when I can get my hands on my 1u pen (which is buried in a box somewhere).

Any thoughts, suggestions, comments? Ideas, advice?


Nikki (sofaraway) said...

See if you can get your hands on a Clickstar pens, it takes Lantus cartridges and goes from 1-70 units in 1 unit increments.
I'm liking it so far

Siobhan said...

thanks Nikki - the doctor is due a visit from me next week, i'll do some begging!

Tim said...

There's also the pre-filled Lantus Solostar which does single units:


It's what I use!