Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Day 2: Making The Low Go

Day 2 - Making the low go. Tell us about your favourite way to treat a low. Juice? Glucose tabs? Secret candy stash? What's your favourite thing to indulge in when you are low? What do you find brings your blood sugar up fast without spiking it too high?

Me, I'm a juice girl. If I get it right (aka I actually measure out my juice rather than just guzzling it), I can avoid the spike. Most of the time though I flip into panic mode when I go low and just grab some juice and knock it back, which is why I'm thinking of switching to Glucotabs. I hear very good things about them, plus they can come in a handy little tube, so that's a bonus.

But at the moment, I'm using the 200ml cartons of orange juice from Tesco (it's actually the Tesco basic basic stuff) which if memory serves correctly has roughly 18g carbs per carton.

I tend not to follow up with slow-releasing carbs, unless I've really hit rock bottom (and I won't have the slow releasing carbs until I'm over 4). I find otherwise I am way up in the teens/20s later on.

My all-time favourite slow-releasing snack is honey on a slice of white toast with loads of butter. Wow, that's like heaven on a plate for me. I only EVER have it after a bad hypo, and I love it.

If I'm out and about, I usually have a carton of juice in my bag. I run the risk that one day, it's going to explode all over my bag, but for the moment it will do. I keep lucozade or juice close to hand in my room in case of night time hypos.

Remember; this is just how I treat my hypos, it's not advice ;)


Big Swifty said...

Shiv, yes, we're O/J box carriers too, and, sooner or later, it's inevitable that a split box in the bag will happen, which should please the wasps. We needed a box today as Frank sunk to 2.8 at one point, pah..... Yesterday's great results for Frank couldn't be sustained could they?

k2 said...
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