Sunday, 23 May 2010

Review: You Snap The Whip

After hearing and reading excellent reviews of Lush's You Snap The Whip, I decided to bust out my wallet and buy some. I'm so glad I did!

You Snap The Whip is a a body scrub and body butter. It smells deliciously of blackcurrants (so much so that I sort of want to eat it. I won't.)

I've been advised to use it to help soften up the skin on my fingers, as I've been abusing them for years by testing my blood glucose levels. I'm willing to give anything a try, so I tootled off to Lush and purchased some.

I'm totally bowled over by the stuff. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and the smell lingers for a while after, which is great (yes, I am currently sniffing my arm to smell the blackcurrants again...). I use it all over my body, not just on my fingers. It's square shaped, so it's easy just to 'wipe' it over your skin! Give it a good rub in, and yum yum yum, you're done. It contains charcoal, so it does turn the water/bath tub black for a while, until you rinse it off!

I've been scrubbing the sides of my fingers with it. I've only been using it for a week so far, and I won't pretend to have seen a huge improvement - but they ARE getting softer. I made my mum stroke my fingers before I started using it, and I'll get her to do it again in a couple of weeks to see if she thinks there has been a big improvement!

At the rate I've been using it (daily), I reckon the block I've bought is going to last me about a month. At £5 a block, I will happily be buying a new one each month. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft, smelling beautiful and totally replenished.