Thursday, 6 May 2010

Numbers are more than numbers

Just a short post: I'm currently sitting at 22.8. I'm grumpy, tired, drinking like a fish and weeing like...something that wees a lot. I had chip shop chips earlier (NEVER AGAIN), which I have successfully bolused correctly for in the past. Basically I split the bolus.

This time, no good.

It's made me think of two things: one, how much a number means to type ones. I know how 19, 20, 21 feels. I also know how 2 or 3 feels. They're just numbers, but to us, they're also frustration, lethargy, weak knees, sweating, shaking, so on, so forth. They represent a lot.

So I'm very grateful to have you guys around when I am out of range, and know that you know how this feels.

It also made me think of my previous post. I'm not going to give myself a hard time about this high, because I did everything I could to try and keep my levels in range; I was in the 6s and 7s, took a 5.6 mile walk, then I had the chips. Still, I'm up in the 20s.